5 Fun Reading Activities for ESL Students

“Sometimes I don’t like the books that I’m reading.”

— Charlie Kaufman

Reading activities for ESL students
Reading activities for ESL students
Discover new reading activities for English language learners.

1. TV Guide Reading Activity

This activity is designed to develop students’ scanning skills. Search the internet for a chart or table outlining a TV schedule. Alternatively, this could be a team roster in sports, a sheet with various statistics, or any other genre that has a long list of information organized in a chart-type format. You could also find an infographic online to use instead.

2. Timed Reading Activity

Find an article online that is appropriate for your students’ levels. The article should be something that they are interested in. Topics relating to sports, movies or current events are usually great for most people’s preferences. Make sure that the article is divided into many paragraphs and is long enough for the activity.

3. Jigsaw Reading Activity

Jigsaw reading activities for ESL students are generally easy to create. Search the internet for a suitable article for your students’ level. Again, it should be long enough so that you have enough material to use. It could be a news article or a short blog article based on a topic that they like.

4. Q & A Reading Activity

Questions and answer activities are ideal for most reading classes. These activities can be used with any text or supplementary reading articles that you have access to.

5. Sentence Building Reading Activity

This activity takes more preparation than the others. You can take text from any article that you find online which is appropriate for your class’s level. Paste the text into a document and set the font size to something larger than 15-point font.

Other Reading Activities for ESL Students

If you would like more ideas about improving your students reading skills, visit ESL Expat for more ESL reading activities.

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