4 ESL Listening Activities that Will Make You a Better Teacher

“I grew up listening to people speaking broken English. I probably picked that up. And I probably speak English almost as a second language.”

— Christopher Walken

ESL listening activities
ESL listening activities
Discover new ESL listening activities for kids and adults.

Four ESL Listening Activities for the Classroom

1. Song Lyrics Listening Activity

Using music in the classroom is both a fun and an effective way of improving students’ listening skills. You can use the activity with any student age group, and it is ideally suited for intermediate levels.

2. Movie Dialog Listening Activity

Another listening activity that works well for both intermediate and advanced levels is one that involves paying close attention to what is said in movies. Browse free video sites, like YouTube or Dailymotion, that have some popular scenes from famous movies. Alternatively, you could try Netflix if you have an account to find great high-def content.

3. TED Talk Listening Activity

This is one of our favorite ESL listening activities. Using TED Talks in the classroom is a great way for improving listening skills. Generally, the content is best suited for adult students, though some higher level young learners may still be able to grasp the less complex content.

4. Movie Words Listening Activity

One more listening activity you could try in your classroom involves using distinct keywords from a movie scene that students must listen for specifically.

More ESL Listening Activities for Kids and Adults

For more detailed information on each of these listening activities, please visit our section on ESL Listening Activities for Kids and Adults on ESL Expat’s official website.

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