Interactive ESL Speaking Activities for Adults and Advanced Students

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

— Mark Van Doren

ESL speaking activities for adults
ESL speaking activities for adults
Discover new ESL speaking activities for English language learners.

1. Four Corners

Divide your students into four groups. Designate a topic of conversation in each corner of the classroom that they should discuss. For example, the corner by the teacher’s desk could be about ‘movies’. The opposing corner could be ‘cuisine’. The topics at the back corners of the classroom could be about ‘sports’ and ‘hobbies’. Of course, you can vary the topics depending on the students’ preferences and interests.

2. Movie Trailers

Find movie trailers on YouTube or other sites. Apple always has an updated collection that you can use.

3. Chopstick Topics

This activity is similar to the ‘4 Corners’ activity but involves less movement in the classroom. Students can just stay at their desks for this one.

4. Movie Predictions

Select a bunch of movie scenes from YouTube that you think your students will like. Mr Bean always works well for most levels.

5. Funny or Die

Similar to the Funny or Die website theme, students watch a collection of movie clips and vote how funny they think the clips are.

6. Movie Idioms

Learning idioms is always challenging for second language learners. Giving students exposure to idioms using movies can be a fun way to help them understand common expressions and phrases.

More ESL Speaking Activities for Adults and Young Learners

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